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You hear the word “niche” tossed around a great deal, but it’s important to make a choice when looking for t-shirt work at home opportunities. One of the most important areas of building successful t-shirt customers are the ability to stand out, then one the best way to achieve that is by catering to a particular market or interest group.

Because it includes a character that switches into the material and is also thin, T-shirts with pigment ink screen printing will still show the texture of the information though it may be screened. The colours made by pigment inks are generally less bright when compared with other paints.

Once you have some designs in your mind, you need to create some T-shirt mockups. This involves using photo editing software to place your design by using an image of a custom t shirt malaysia or perhaps a model wearing a T-shirt.

Let’s cover these important details with three popular printing techniques

Usually, companies need t-shirt making services for various internal corporate events including gatherings, conventions, meetings, or corporate events by means of external products such as parades, festivals, expos etc.

As you select your printer, always maintain your timeline in your mind to ensure that you might have an order ready soon enough. For an online order, element in the printing time plus the shipping time, therefore you’re with a time crunch, you can eliminate a measure by placing your order locally and picking it up personally.

Polyester t-shirts would be better suitable for sublimation printing in contrast to direct to garment (DTG) printing. We recommend DTG for some t-shirts since it offers the most precise print to your design. But if you’re after an all over print, sublimation printing should be the best option. We offer an all over print t-shirt range if all over printing ‘s what you’re after.


Occasionally, a t-shirt design should make much more of a statement than a fashion one. While nobody really wants to think about anything within their closet as capitalist ad’ space, a design for the worthwhile non-profit cause can be a different story.

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